90% of Women Professionals Hesitate to Ask For A Raise At Work: Survey

About 99% of women believe that it is extremely important for women professionals to build networks and alliances, a recent survey by online learning platform Harappa Education revealed. It also reported that only 47% of women actively pursue opportunities for their professional growth and learning,

The survey titled, ‘What Women in Leadership Need’ was conducted to understand the prejudices and differentiated behaviour towards women professionals and to incorporate their unique perspectives within curriculums designed to help empower women leaders and leaders-in-making.

The survey of more than 500 respondents further revealed that 90% of women professionals hesitate to ask for a raise at work, about 85% feel that at least once in their career, they have been perceived as ‘bossy’ or ‘dominating’ when they were just being assertive.

Nearly 72% of women consider communication to be the top skill that continues to help them in their professional journey, followed by confidence (65%) and self-awareness (41%).

Further, the findings revealed that 97% of the respondents consider it to be important for women professionals to cultivate a personal brand for themselves.

Shreyasi Singh, Founder & CEO, Harappa Education commented: “I’ve always felt committed to learning and development and a determination to leave the world of work for women, a little better than I found it. I’m delighted about all our 7 new program offerings at Harappa but especially the Women’s Leadership Program—designed to enhance the learning journey of high potential women managers, based on our distinctive 10 on 10 pedagogy. The ‘What Women in Leadership Need’ survey research allows us to better understand the challenges women professionals face and co-build our Women’s Leadership Program, capturing what matters the most to current and aspiring women leaders.”

From women professionals with less than 20 years of work experience, 52% feel underqualified for their positions, despite their multiple years of experience, the report stated.

A mere 21% of women felt continuously supported by their male peers at workplaces.

Although 87% of women respondents believe that the future for women in leadership looks promising in the coming 3 years.

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