Africans Should Learn More About Africa-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has said that African people need to know more about Africa than adopting cultures that are way different from theirs.

In a statement released to the media by State House, President Lungu said that currently the trend is that African people know more about non-African cultures than they do about African cultures.

“As Africans, we get influenced by non-Africans and not by fellow Africans. We need to learn more about ourselves. When we were young at school, we were asked by our teachers to read books such as when another one was written called ‘Europe learns about Africa’ I am not sure if it was as popular, so we ‘Africa learns about Europe’ and must tell our success stories as Africans,” the President remarked during a farewell meeting with outgoing Egyptian ambassador to Zambia, His Excellency, Mr Ahmed Mostafa at State House this morning.

The President is happy that relations between Zambia and Egypt continue to grow stronger and said these relations need not end at the nations but the nationals. President Lungu called for big African economies to take the lead in ensuring
increased trade among African countries.

“And we should cooperate not only economically but culturally,” the President said before adding that cooperation between Zambia and Egypt in agriculture is remarkable.

“Egypt has done well in agriculture despite largely depending on the Nile River for water supply. This week I talked about water harvesting, and Egypt is an example of a country that knows how to harvest water,” the President said.

The President wished the ambassador well and sent a message of goodwill to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah A-Sisi and the Egyptian people.

And Mr Mostafa has wished President Lungu and the Zambian people all he success in developing Zambia.

“I am impressed with the development going on in Zambia and I am also grateful for the support given to me by your Government,” Mr Mostara told President Lungu.

Mr Mostafa said he was surprised that there was not much difference between some Egyptian and Zambian cultural norms. He added that the social media trends being witnessed in Zambia, especially among the young people are similar to what is happening in Egypt.

Social media is a double-edged sword, it can be good as well as bad” he said. He is hopeful his successor will continue from where he has left.

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