Amazing Voices: Zim groups improve

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With four weeks left before the Amazing Voices singing competition crowns its winner, Zimbabwean groups, Effect and The Unveiled whose acts on Sunday showed improvement, have once again been urged by judges to seriously up their game if they want to win the US$100 000 prize money.

The two groups sadly made bottom three again on Sunday with judges now of the view that it may be a little too late for the country’s representatives to redeem themselves.

But, it is a competition and anything can happen.

Unsurprisingly, Nigeria’s 121 Selah and South Africa’s Hush SA made top two with Hush SA retaining the Golden Voices for the week.

South Africa’s Southern Six had the lowest scores and were supposed to be eliminated. It was their lucky day as Sunday’s episode was not an elimination round.

Turning to the performances, this past week was dedicated to Idols South Africa eighth season winner, Khaya Mthethwa. All groups were tasked to choose songs from Mthethwa’s catalogue and went through a masterclass with the artiste.

The Unveiled opted for Simakade and their performance, although good, left judges feeling like they could have done better.

One of the judges, Evelle urged the group to tighten its act.

“I’m glad that this performance is better than your last one. You brought in fire which is what’s needed at this stage of the competition. We don’t want to give anything that’s less than 100%.

“Next time, please make sure you bring your best foot forward and don’t leave any loopholes, just tighten up your act,” said Evelle.

Another judge, Trigmatic said: “At this stage of the competition, you don’t try. This is where you go for the kill. You gave it a good try and it was better than last week.”

The Unveiled

Effect on the other hand, sang a rendition of Mthethwa’s Move. Although the judges generally felt their song choice was on point with their performance improving from last week, their performance still was not the best.

Ammara said: “There’s definitely an improvement from last week. Give yourselves a pat on the back. This song was absolutely perfect for you guys but what killed you was your lack of rehearsal.”

Said Trigmatic: “I saw that you guys tried to use a bit of everything that you were told, but you were too conscious of that. That was your biggest setback. Please, go all out because at this stage of the competition, that’s what’s needed. One small mistake and you’re out.”

Mthethwa said he was impressed by the performance especially Ex-Mile’s vocals.

“The lead vocals were on fire. Continue doing that because that’s one of the things that make you stick out. This performance was way better than the rehearsal.”

The competition continues with all the action being shown on Sunday’s at 5PM on Zambezi Magic, Mzansi Magic and Africa Magic.

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