Big apple style close to the city

With the current inability to travel overseas, Nicheliving has brought the unique New York apartment aesthetic to Perth with double-storey apartments built using iconic brown bricks.

The project, fittingly named Brownstones, will be part of its Sky Homes development on Beaufort Street in Inglewood.

Nicheliving Sales Manager Jay Sarmadi said the apartments encapsulated the New York apartment style originating in the 1800s and 1900s and would seamlessly fit in along Beaufort Street.

“Our design team wanted to ensure the design elements of these double-storey apartments suited the area and lifestyle on offer,” he said.

“As our development includes retaining some of the exterior of the heritage buildings onsite, we felt a unique Brownstones industry look would suit these apartments.”

A lack of double-storey apartments in the area inspired the luxury design, according to Mr Sarmadi, who said the interior design was carefully curated to match the impressive exterior of the building.

“The style really brings the apartment alive, with the large open void area, the floor-to-ceiling double-level windows, maximum natural lighting, large balcony areas and the industrial tones and Brownstones inspiration,” he said.

“There is a true love in the Perth market for this style.”

While the majority of the homes will centre around the dramatic atmosphere generated by the rich brown bricks, the common areas of the development will focus on a lighter, warmer aesthetic, with bright brickwork and an abundance of natural light, including

plenty of greenery, landscaped areas and wood features.

The homes look to incorporate an alternative design to the generic apartment trends, offering a more moody, industrial aesthetic.

“Put simply, the design style is stylish, bold and has earthy elements that have caught local buyers by surprise,” Mr Sarmadi said.

“Gone are the plain white walls often associated with apartment living.

“The comments we have received have only been positive. In fact, we have also been inundated with people not even in the market for a property or apartment, who have reached out saying these apartments are stunning and they want to see more.”

Mr Sarmadi said the apartments would best suit young professionals and young families thanks to their surroundings, which are plush with amenity.

Early construction has begun on Brownstones, according to Mr Sarmadi, with the site now cleared and the heritage protection underway, with the building to start in the coming months.

Brownstones will offer a mix of two and three-bedroom apartments, with two-bedroom options starting from $599,000.

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