Boiled Egg Sandwich: You Just Need 2 Minutes To Put Together This Healthy Breakfast

Eggs make a popular food option across the globe. Every wondered, why? If you ask us, we just love how versatile they are. You just need an egg or two to put together a wholesome meal anytime of the day. And if you consult a nutritionist, you will find eggs holding a constant position in your diet plan (unless you are a vegan/vegetarian). Let’s start with why eggs make such a popular breakfast choice. They are a storehouse of protein, vitamins, calcium etc and have a long list of health benefits. From aiding weight loss to rising the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol in the body – an egg in the morning does it all for you. Besides, it loads you up with energy to kick-start the day.

We also love how quickly egg-based recipes can be prepared. Be it a humble omelette or scrambled eggs, you just need a few minutes to prepare an egg-based dish, making it a perfect food to opt for during the time-pressed mornings. While we are spoilt for choices, our all-time favourite remains a simple boiled egg. We have it as is or make sandwich with it. Trust us, boiled egg sandwich is possibly the simplest sandwich recipe you have come across till date. All you need is 2 minutes and 3 ingredients – 2 toasted bread slices, 1 boiled egg, and pepper (or oregano). The ones, who like adding salt to their eggs, can sprinkle some black salt too. That’s it!

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Quick Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Boiled Egg Sandwich:

Boiled egg sandwich is a union of two popular breakfast foods – boiled eggs and toasted breads. We are giving you how we like it; but there’s always room for experimentation. You can customise the sandwich as per your choice. Let’s check out how we make it:

Step 1. Chop a boiled egg and spread on a toasted bread.

Step 2. Sprinkle black pepper and black salt (or oregano).

Step 3. Cover with another bread slice and cut from between.

Step 4. Serve with some ketchup by the side.

Super easy, right? We like to have hard boiled eggs, but if you enjoy half-boiled eggs, just go for it. The best part is this recipe is extremely healthy and can be a great breakfast option if you are on a weight loss diet.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it. And if you want to try some other dish made with boiled eggs, click here.

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