Breakfast Special: Desi-Style Masala Poached Eggs In 5 Minutes (Recipe Inside)

A lot has already been said about the versatility of eggs and the benefits they bring to our breakfast tables. And it is no secret that we swear by a fluffy scramble or a plain boiled egg to accompany us in the mornings. However, if you are an egg lover, we are sure you will agree that there is nothing that beats a white fluffy poached egg that oozes the delicious golden liquid as you cut into it. The simplest of them all, the classic poached egg makes us the weakest on our knees.


Poached eggs are the classic breakfast option

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And like the many egg recipes out there, you best believe there is a desi version to the classic poached eggs too. No points for guessing that it is indeed fried, masaledaar and rich in our favourite flavours. The desi style of poached eggs is what you would generally find on the streets, it is soft, gooey from the inside and crunchy on the outside. Break into the yolk and watch it delicately ooze out the golden liquid onto your crunchy buttered toast. Made with onions, coriander, red chilli powder and black pepper this easy street style masala poached eggs can instantly give your day the kick of flavours you need in the morning. Learn how to make the best masala poached eggs in 5 minutes, read the recipe below.

How To Make Desi Masala Poached Eggs l Desi Masala Poached Eggs Recipe:

Take a round kadai, preferably a tadka pan and heat some oil in it. Add the chopped ingredients like onion and coriander and some spices, crack the egg on top and wait for just a minute before flipping it to the other side. Flip back in another 10 seconds and there you have it; a perfect soft masala poached egg is ready.

Click here for the detailed recipe for Desi Masala Poached Eggs.

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Make this no-fuss delicious desi style masala poached egg for a quick breakfast. Let us know how you like the recipe in the comments below.

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