BYJU’S Young Genius Received Overwhelming Response During Season 2 Registrations

There’s no doubt that the spotlight has shifted to geniuses from showstoppers, especially in the wake of Tokyo Olympics when we witnessed the sheer talent and drive of athletes like Neeraj Chopra and Mirabai Chanu among others. The quiet grit and determination during their medal-winning rounds to the restrained grace post winning gold and silver medals for javelin throw and weightlifting respectively at the Tokyo Olympics has shown the country that genius lies hidden until they get to the big stage.

That’s exactly what News 18, India’s largest news network, set out and achieved with #BYJU’SYoung Genius. The show focuses on young achievers showcasing their skills on the channel that are selected by a panel of News18 editors and eminent personalities.

Now, with the second edition of Young Genius open for registrations, the sheer number and quality of applications has been staggering, to say the least. But before we talk about that, let’s recap the best of everything we saw in the first edition of #BYJU’SYoungGenius.

The best of Season 1 saw the likes of Lydian Nadhasawaram (15yrs) who played the piano blindfolded at a speed of 190 beats per minute and Meghali Malabika (14yrs) popularly known as the ‘Google Girl of India’ for her terrific IQ. Some other young geniuses on the show included Member of the Mensa society, developer of multiple apps and author of a book, Rishi Shiv P (6 yrs) with an unbelievable IQ of 180; Avantika Kambli (10Yrs), the youngest person to attempt the 6-digit square root world record and Tiluck Keisam (13 Yrs), a Guinness World Record holder for ‘Farthest distance limbo skating under bars’.

Season 2 of BYJU’S Young Genius promises to be bigger and grander. Ever since entries were opened, the sheer enthusiasm amongst parents and their wards has been on ample display from all across the country. Not only does this indicate the popularity of BYJU’S Young Genius, it also gives an insight into the untapped potential of young achievers waiting for the spotlight.

With over 7,500 entries in the first two weeks, Season 2 promises to unearth real gems across India who are sure to blow away the audience and judges with their talent and skills. The show has been receiving tremendous love across platforms where it is being promoted such as News18 network, History channel, and Viacom network of channels. The social reach of Season 2 of BYJU’S Young Genius has already crossed 2 million impressions across various social media platforms and the daily visitor count to the show’s microsite is consistently around the 1 lakh mark every day.

Hosted by Senior News 18 Editor and Anchor Anand Narasimhan, the show will commence in January 2022 showcasing many young prodigies in the age group of 6 to 15 from diverse fields such as performing arts, academics, technology, business, sports and many more. Each episode is sure to make for an exciting viewing experience as the young geniuses will also be joined by some of India’s most celebrated personalities to encourage and talk about their own journey as well.

If you want your child to be a part of this incredible show that celebrates them for being who they are without any inhibitions, visit the link here and fill out the registration form. After this initial submission, there will be a detailed form to be filled out to capture every detail of the child for a multi-stage evaluation process. Apart from this, one can also download the BYJU’S app and register on the BYJU’S Young Genius section.

It’s time to let the kids shine with News18 BYJU’S Young Genius Season 2 coming soon.

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