Chicken Cutlet, Mutton Cutlet And 5 Other Cutlet Recipes You Can Make At Home

Somewhere between lunch and dinner comes a time that calls for the mandatory evening chai. And being the foodie country that we are, the tea time is transformed into an indulgent affair with the many evening snacks. But, it’s not possible to relish everything with a cup of tea, right? You obviously wouldn’t pair biryani and chai together. So what does a snack require to be deemed the perfect chai time companion? Well, for starters, it has to be crispy, spicy, delicious, and most importantly easy! And if that’s what you are looking for, let us assure, you’ve come just to the right place. Because what we have here is a curated list of the perfect Indian chai time snack – cutlets.

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You can make cutlets with vegetables, potatoes, meat, and even fish, the variety is wide and every single one of them are lip-smackingly delicious. Want to try these easy snacks for the evening tea? Read the recipes below.

Here Are 7 Easy Cutlet Recipes To Pair With Your Evening Tea:

1. Chickpea cutlet:

The easiest vegetable cutlet that you can make in less than 20 minutes definitely has to be this chickpea cutlet. All you need to do is make a paste out of soaked chickpeas and some other ingredients, add bread crumbs for the crunch and dip in hot oil and you are ready. Click here for an easy recipe.


You can easily make these chickpea cutlets

2. Vegetable cutlet:

Got some veggies lying around the house and don’t know what to do with them? Why not make this delicious vegetable cutlet in a matter of minutes. Stir fry chopped vegetables, add boiled potatoes, and mash everything together to form round/oval cutlets, deep fry, and enjoy with tea or coffee. Read the detailed recipe here.

3. Mushroom Cutlet:

The mushroom cutlet is spicy, tangy, and delicious. Lightly sautéed mushroom is mashed with boiled potatoes, then the round cutlet is coated with breadcrumbs and the results are a crunchy golden snack ready to be served. Read how to make mushroom cutlets here.


Mushroom cutlets are juicy and soft

4. Chicken cutlet:

An extremely easy recipe, the chicken cutlet requires minimum effort and ingredients. All you need to do is get some minced chicken, cook it for some time, add all the necessary ingredients, and shape it into a round flat disc. Fry until golden and serve. Read the recipe here.

5. Russian cutlet :

A Russian cutlet is the crispier and crunchier version of a simple chicken cutlet. The coating is made with broken vermicelli and sesame that give it a distinct taste in every bite. Made with other common ingredients like chicken, potatoes, carrots, and cheese, it’s a recipe that you must try. Read it here.


Rusian cutlets are coated with sesame and vermicelli and are crispy 

6. Fish cutlet:

A delicious melt-in-the-mouth treat, this fish cutlet is easy to make and will win everyone’s heart. All you need is some fish, ginger garlic, bread, and few mint leaves for the garnish. Make a soft paste and fry until golden brown, try this today, read the easy recipe here.

7. Mutton cutlet:

An evergreen recipe, the mutton cutlet spells indulgence. These will be an instant hit at parties or when guests arrive. All you need is minced mutton, whole spices, ginger-garlic, potatoes, and some other ingredients. Coat the cutlets with an egg wash and seasoned breadcrumbs mixtures, shallow fry, and serve hot. Click here for the detailed recipe.


Mutton cutlets are delicious

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Can’t wait to try these? Make them at home and let us know how they turn out in the comments below.

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