Chinese start-up vows flying cars in 2024

Xpeng Heitech, a flying car start-up backed by electric vehicle maker Xpeng Inc, says it will deliver flying cars to customers in 2024.

The start-up, founded in 2013 and funded by Xpeng and Xpeng’s chief executive He Xiaopeng, employs 400 people and will expand its workforce to have 700 people by the end of this year, company founder Zhao Deli told World New Energy Vehicle Congress.

Xpeng Heitech’s model will also be able to drive on the road, Zhao said.

The electric flying car will be able to drive more than 600km on the road with a single charge but Zhao did not say how far it could fly each time.

Other car makers that are developing flying cars in China include Geely’s Terrafugia, which is building a factory in central city of Wuhan.

Volkswagen AG is also studying the industry in China.

Regulators in China, however, have not yet rolled out detailed rules on the flying vehicles.

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