Comfortable Outfits to Wear Instead of Leggings

With very few reasons to leave the comfort of your own home, it can become very tempting to spend all your time in leggings, joggers and various other types of loungewear. Believe me, though—there will come a time when the novelty of putting on your activewear and sports gear every day will wear off, which is exactly why we’ve put together this article. 

Of course, the allure of athleisure is that it is indisputably comfortable, though at our respective Who What Wear home offices (read: dining tables, couches and bedroom floors), our editorial team have discovered several other outfits that are equally as comfy yet look far more put-together. From flowing skirts to loosely cut jumpsuits to a myriad of printed midi dresses, these looks are so comfy they’ll allow your leggings to return to their rightful position as items you wear solely while working out. 

Having spoken to several women who’ve made careers of working from home, each of them stressed the benefit of properly getting dressed, not only for productivity purposes but also because of how it can affect your mood. So without further ado, here are 15 looks—all tried and tested by the Who What Wear editorial team—that we think are just as comfortable as leggings. 

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