Disneyland gives its fans a new Christmas present

Disneyland has a new way for you to spend money at the park this Christmas holiday season. Following the success of its sold-out Oogie Boogie Bash Halloween party at Disney California, Disney has added a hard-ticket, after-hours Christmas party at Disneyland.

I had been wanting Disneyland to add a holiday party along the lines of the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Walt Disney World Resort. That event long had been a favorite of mine, as well as many other Disney fans. Serving free hot chocolate, cookies and sweets throughout the Magic Kingdom, the party also featured Disney World’s Christmas parade and fireworks.

I often visited during the annual IAAPA theme park industry convention in Orlando in November, heading over to Disney after the convention was done for the day. The party cost less than a one-day ticket to the parks, making it a convenient and affordable way for me to enjoy a quick holiday visit to Walt Disney World.

Disney World no longer offers Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, however. This year, the resort will offer a Disney Very Merriest After Hours event, instead. Like other After Hours events at Walt Disney World, ticket prices are higher than one-day park tickets, in exchange for a limited capacity that allows guests to go on more attractions with little or no wait.

Disneyland’s new Disney Merriest Nights holiday party will follow the same formula. With tickets costing $165-175 per person, this after-hours event will cost more than Disneyland’s highest one-day, one-park ticket price of $154. But the park’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land will not be open for the event, depriving fans of an obvious “Life Day” celebration as well as a chance to get on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance without having to mess with its usual, often hard-to-book virtual queue.

That might leave some fans wondering if Disney Merriest Nights will be worth the cost. But with higher prices and capacity limited, Disneyland doesn’t have to sell hundreds of thousands of tickets for this event to be a success.

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