Egg Makhani Recipe: Replace Paneer With Eggs And Make This Creamy Dish For A Special Meal (Recipe Inside)

Vegetarians love paneer and paneer makhani has to be one of their favourites. Following close on the heels of the epic butter chicken, paneer makhani is vegetarians’ shield in the never-ending battle with the non-vegetarians. Yet there are many vegetarians who might despise chicken but don’t mind having their protein fix from eggs sometimes. For them, we have got a special recipe that will blow their mind. A close cousin of butter chicken and paneer makhani, egg makhani is something both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can relish. Interesting, isn’t it?

As the name suggests, egg makhani retains the essence of the buttery curry that we have always loved and will keep loving in the paneer and chicken preparations. The luscious gravy is cooked with a dense paste of onions, tomatoes and cashew nuts, which is spiced with a range of whole spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon etc. Of course, butter and lots of cream is added to lift up the gravy to make it creamy and silky, just the way we like it.  

The familiarity in the recipe doesn’t end here. The boiled eggs are first roasted in butter till brown in colour and then added to the cooked gravy. This helps the eggs taste much better with the burnt butter taste and golden sheen. Egg makhani is the perfect dish to cook for special occasions, especially when you have guests coming over for dinner. Here’s how you can make it. 

Egg Makhani Recipe: 

Click this link to see the step-by-step recipe of egg makhani, which is also called egg butter masala. Once you’ll get down to cooking it, you’ll realise how easy it is to make. Enjoy!

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