Girl Talk ZW mentors named

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Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
SANDRA Ndebele, Samantha Tshuma and Tracey Ndlovu will be leading this year’s Girl Talk ZW mentorship dialogue by sharing their experiences in arts and business to empower mentees so they are never exploited.

The talk will be held on Africa Day, May 25, at a local lodge where young women from different circles will gather to hear the three women speak. Covid-19 regulations will be strictly adhered to on the day.

Girl Talk Zw will be held in partnership with Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ), a global coalition against corruption.
Singer/dancer Sandra Ndebele said this talk is a great opportunity for women’s voices to be amplified and heard the world over.

“It’s also a great platform where we as women can be united in a singular cause. It’s high time that society as a whole appreciated that we as women bring creativity and critical services to all levels of society and that these are achievements that need to be celebrated,” said Ndebele.

Former Miss Zimbabwe, Samantha Tshuma who is now a businesswoman who runs Open Eye Academy said she is honoured to be part of the event because she supports mentoring young businesswomen.

Samantha Tshuma

“It’s a great platform for successful women in business to mentor and share experiences, expertise and ideas about the corporate world with young upcoming women in business. I’m also looking forward to learning from other women in business and willing to share my experiences,” said Tshuma.

Khulumani FM presenter Tracey Ndlovu said as a special guest, she expects to learn from experiences by the main speakers and the mentees.

“I’m pleased to be part of it. I want to empower women and this is one thing that is lacking in our patriarchal society. It also equips young girls with life skills among other things which I’m particular with so that the young girls get equipped. I’ll be there as a special guest and I know that I will learn a lot,” said Ndlovu.

Girl Talk ZW executive director Anita Neshiri said they want to equip girls with the right tools they need to live their best lives possible.

“Our goal is to educate, empower, mentor and improve the sense of camaraderie among girls or young entrepreneurs thus sisterhood or girl power. This initiative is meant to motivate the young women to participate in economic development innovations, as well as building a united community among girls,” said Neshiri.

Thubelihle Ncube, TIZ legal and advocacy officer said as an organisation, they want to use this talk to help women not to be sextorted.

Sandra Ndebele

“For a long time, TIZ has been running women empowerment circles, a safe haven for women from marginalised communities to meet and discuss how corruption affects their economic development. It is through these circles that we started an awareness-raising campaign on sextortion, where sex is used as a currency for a bribe.

“So, Girl Talk Zw finally brings us a platform to also engage with women in business, women in the arts sector, women in media, university students and women who are still finding their footing and hear their voices because they also are largely affected.

“Also, sextortion continues to hinder their economic development mainly because we have lived for a long time without any laws/legal frameworks that criminalise it,” said Ncube.

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