Having trouble sleeping? This album may help induce slumber | Lifestyle

Record label Insight Music has released The Perfect Sleep, an album said to help induce slumber.

“Way before the pandemic hit the Philippines, a vast number of Filipino adults were already stricken by a different kind of epidemic — sleeplessness,” said Insight Music president and chief creative director Chris Cahilig.

“Sleeplessness, a disorder that is commonly known as insomnia, may not be as deadly as Covid-19, but it is just as critical and devastating to one’s health and well-being,” Cahilig added. “It is during deep slumber when the body has the opportunity to repair itself and recover. Poor sleep quality or sleep deprivation has severe consequences on the body’s capacity to resist illness.”

The Perfect Sleep, presented by all-natural sleep supplement DreamWell and composed by music arranger Ian Joseph Tan, is an hour-long instrumental album that promotes deep and relaxing slumber.

It’s now available on various streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and iTunes.

A study, published by St. Luke’s Medical Center claimed that over 10 million adult Filipinos suffer from insomnia — putting them at risk for cardiovascular issues, cancer, depression, diabetes, as well as other afflictions.

Various medical literature confirmed that lack of sleep renders the body susceptible to the debilitating effects of stress that people undergo on a daily basis.

The Perfect Sleep is designed specifically for listening on nights when stress, anxiety, or plain restlessness tend to keep people awake way into the wee hours.

The Perfect Sleep’s gentle guitar strums and soft beats were carefully constructed to give sleep-deprived listeners an experience they can instantly benefit from.

The album also serves as sonic companion to DreamWell, an all-natural dietary supplement designed to promote healthier sleep among its users.

Through its unique combination of natural ingredients like Suan Zao Ren, Wu Wei Zi, Fu Ling, and the amino acid GABA, DreamWell relaxes the mind and lulls one to sleep. It also helps bring one to Sleep Stage 3 for a deep, quality sleep.

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