Here Are Some Little-known Health Benefits of Cardamom Water

Cardamom is a popular spice used to enhance the flavour of food. Besides, it also offers a whole host of benefits to the body, including the removal of bad breath. But many are unaware of the fact that cardamom water, or water flavoured with cardamom, is just as beneficial as putting it in food as a seasoning. Below are the details:

Here’s how to make cardamom water:

You first need to peel 5 cardamoms in a litre of water and keep them soaked overnight.

The next day, drink the lukewarm (at room temperature) water.

It’s good if you can drink the water two to three times a day.

Benefits of drinking cardamom water:

They can keep cholesterol in control:

Cardamom has an extremely high fibre content. It helps in containing LDL or bad cholesterol, which leads to excessive blood clotting in the body. By containing LDL, it helps prevent risks of heart attacks.

It keeps blood sugar levels under control:

Drinking cardamom water daily keeps the blood sugar level under control. This is one of the reasons why cardamom water is one of the go-to home remedies for patients with diabetes.


Drinking water of cardamom not only strengthens the digestive system but also helps you get rid of stomach aches and boost your body’s immunity.

Control Weight:

Cardamom water reduces the extra fat which is stored in the body. This property of cardamom is owing to its richness in various nutrients and antioxidants. This helps to keep weight under control.

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