Hong Kong National Security Police Make Arrests Linked to Speedboat Escape

HONG KONG—National security police in Hong Kong investigating a foiled speedboat escape by fugitives arrested a group of people suspected of helping them, casting a wider net in a case that has already rattled activists in the city and drawn international condemnation.

Daniel Wong Kwok-tung, a lawyer and district councilor, said in a Facebook post, that national security police came to his home at 6:10 a.m. on Thursday. Another post by a former student leader said her mother was arrested around the same time for allegedly playing a role in the failed boat escape.

Some eight men and three women were detained in the dawn swoops, according to social-media accounts and local media citing police sources.

China’s coast guard in August intercepted a boat carrying 12 activists, all facing criminal charges in Hong Kong related to protests in 2019, who were attempting to flee to neighboring Taiwan. The dozen were detained in mainland China.

A Shenzhen court sentenced 10 of them last month to jail terms ranging from seven months to three years, after saying that they had pleaded guilty to illegally crossing the border.

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