How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

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‘Tuca & Bertie’
When to watch: Sunday at 11:30 p.m., on Adult Swim.

Netflix rudely canceled this whimsical dramedy after one season back in 2019, but Adult Swim brought it back from the dead, and now new episodes are finally here. Start at the beginning, though — a lot of the story this season revolves around Bertie’s ongoing psychological unraveling, which is the fallout from her experiences in Season 1. Even though the show has a pop-hallucinatory look, its themes lean toward the serious and realistic, as if “Busytown” explained cognitive behavioral therapy. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” fans, watch this.

When to watch: Arrives Friday, on IMDb TV.

If you like those wink-wink historical comedies like “Another Period,” “Quacks” or “Miracle Workers,” try this British series about a modern-day jazz quartet from London that gets transported through time in a magical, filthy elevator, back to the 1920s in Season 1 and to the 1950s in Season 2. “Timewasters” is smart and silly, and it taps into some of the fun “Drunk History” used to have with old timey people saying the darnedest things; there’s plenty to ridicule about racism, both historical and contemporary. Sadly there are only two seasons, but there’s an American adaptation in the works.

When to watch: New episodes arrive Friday, on Netflix.

The first batch of “Lupin” episodes came out all the way back in January — fully 100 lifetimes ago — and ended on a cliffhanger. Now there are another five episodes, and they pick up right where we left off, just as juicy and stylish as ever. “Lupin” (in French, with subtitles or dubbed) follows a chic thief (Omar Sy) who models himself on the classic literary figure Arsène Lupin, pulling off heists and sticking it to the rich people who’ve done him dirty. The show has a clever trickiness to it, and it is dangerously bingeable, with a vibe somewhere between the Oceans franchise, “Sherlock” and the good, early parts of “Money Heist.”

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