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Celebrating womanhood is not a yearly observance because it should be recognized everyday. Whether you are a daughter, mother or grandmother, it is important to know some basic information to serve as a wellness and health guide throughout life.

You will live longer than any man. Statistically, this is the worldwide trend. While in Asia, we look after our parents as part of love and tradition, in other parts of the world, 90 percent of nursing home residents are women. As such, they tend to suffer from isolation and depression.

A simple blood test can keep your hormones in check. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/NCI

Look after your heart. The leading cause of death in women is heart disease, followed by lung and breast cancer. In most women, heart problems are undiagnosed. Symptoms in women can be as subtle as shoulder pain, shortness of breath, jaw pain, vomiting and nausea.

Breast cancer, on the other hand, is preventable and curable (especially with early diagnosis). This, plus a lifestyle change and medical treatment, you can expect to beat the big C. Curiously enough, lung cancer supposedly kills more women than breast cancer. Even if you are not a smoker, early screening is a must. Look out for the signs: shortness of breath, loss of appetite, chest pain and a persistent sore throat/cough.


Look after your thyroid. It is crucial to every metabolic process.

Hyperthyroidism symptoms are:
• Heart palpitations
• Weight loss
• Goiters
• Muscle weakness
• High blood pressure

Hypothyroidism symptoms are:
• Weight gain
• Brain fog
• Constipation
• Slow heart rate
• Sensitivity to cold
• Tingling/numbness in hands
It is best to see an endocrinologist to check your hormone levels.

Your hormones decline as you age. A simple blood test can check your hormone levels.

BREAST cancer is a leading disease among women. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/ANG10ZE

Bone health is vital. Osteoporosis can be prevented:
• Avoid smoking.

• Minimize alcoholic beverage consumption.

Exercise daily. Include a weight-bearing routine. You need to strengthen your bones.

Get enough sunshine and Vitamin D.

Manage your emotions. Practice meditation and mind-body exercises like tai-chi and yoga. Remain a social being. Stay in touch with family and friends.

You will love again. Why not? If you have been blessed with a fulfilling marriage, then well and good. For those who have been separated, widowed or estranged, take heart. There still is the promise of a new, satisfying and meaningful relationship for you. Don’t give up on love.

No stress. It is the little things that can get you all riled up. So, learn to transcend the mundane through “mindful living.” Practice meditation. Listen to inspiring songs and music. Soak in nature by being in the great outdoors.

Have a personal relationship with God. Know that the impossible is possible through faith, prayer and worship.

Use your life to help the helpless. Women are natural nurturers. Lend a helping hand. It is good for the soul.

Affirmation: “I have the power to transcend any challenges in my life.”

Love and light!

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