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Prof. Ibidapo-Obe, who noted that there is a link between our identity as Africans and spiritualism, added that Africans are the creators of modern religion – Islamism and Christianity.

He lamented that modern Islamism and Christianity have been hijacked by European imperialism, adding: “Once Africans embraced either Christianity or Islam, they are not able to look inwards and try to deconstruct white Christianity or Arab Islamism.”

To restore the Africa’s lost identity, the university don said: “We need to embrace spiritualism. Spiritualism is the beginning of religion. When we go back to spiritualism, then we would have isolated ourselves from white Christianity and Arab Islamism and focus on religion because we are the ones that discovered religion.”

Managing Director, Afrikan Village, Temitope Maberu Fagunwa, said the aim of setting up the village is to carry those at the lower strata of the society along.

“It is to ensure that we have our humanity intact; to give them a place where they can identify as theirs, a place that is not under the control of the richer people in the society and make them feel are part of the society,” he added.

Fagunwa said the theme of the event was very apt considering the fact that “We are living in an African society where humanity has been reduced to nothing. We are living in a society where we find it difficult to consider ourselves as Africans, even in Africa.

“We are living in a society where our socio-cultural values have been eroded, where the existing systems do not belong to us, the economy, socio-cultural systems and all that were formed for our own realities, do not belong to us.”

Consequently, Fagunwa called for a “need for us to have an African revolutionary society, a society that will be under the control of the African realities and conditions and not one that be will be under the European socio-cultural values, not one under the control of European political and economic systems.

“A society that will be controlled and governed by African realities and conditions.”

He noted that today across the continent, those that control power are those that are ignorant of our realities and conditions and that is why they are messing up with Africans.
Speakers at the event included A.J Dagga Tolar, Affiong L. Affiong, among others.

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