Know How to Prepare for IIT Entrance Exam

The countdown for the IIT entrance — JEE Advanced 2021 has already begun and it is a crucial time for students to optimise their last-minute preparation. Staying calm and focused is the ultimate mantra to crack any exam. The JEE Advanced is scheduled to be held on October 3. Its registration process has been postponed twice and is expected to begin by September 15 or 16 now.

Students who have appeared for JEE Main and are sure of a decent rank would already be half into their preparations. Usually, students focussed on IITs start preparing for the same from class 9, 10th onwards. Here are some last-minute preparation tips.

Revision time

At this crucial time, one must only focus on the important topics and sections and leave out the unimportant and less scoring ones. It is not possible to revise the entire syllabus, so touch only those that have a higher weightage. Revising them from study materials, notes or handbooks will be a good idea. Stop taking up any new topics or chapters in these last few days as it may lead to confusion. Focusing only on what has been studied and practised till now will ensure effective learning.

Practise through mock tests

Learning from mistakes can be a game-changing strategy. One should try to solve mock tests and practice tests more and more, but they should be based on the format of JEE Advanced. After every test, one should find out the mistakes made in attempting some questions and reasons for committing these mistakes. Going through the previous mock tests along with the results again will help to analyze one’s mistakes and help to rectify them. Also, this enables a student to clarify difficult formulae, theorems, and concepts. This will also enable one to get familiar with the actual exam scenario.

Relook theorems and formulae

This tip is specifically for the day before the exam. A handbook of formulas would be helpful as one can concentrate on the important theorems and derivations from them.

Get refreshed with short intervals

Take a 5-10 minute break after every hour of study as it helps relax the mind. It increases your energy levels and reduces monotony before you start studying again. Further, it also improves your concentration and reduces fatigue. However, allot your topics with your time slots in a way that you can start a new topic after the break.

Eat, drink, and sleep well

Get the right amount of sleep and make it a habit to sleep early in these last few days. Inadequate sleep can cause fatigue, thus reducing your energy levels. Similarly, eating well is important. You require energy and mental strength to study. Also, have light meals on the day before the exam.

— Written by Nitin Vijay Founder & MD, Motion Education

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