Korea invades fastfood | Lifestyle

Although a trip to Korea might not be possible for now, fans of all things Korean are in for a treat because McDonald’s Philippines is bringing the Korean experience with the launch of the New Taste of Korea product range. The new line features four Korean-inspired products: K-Beef Burger, K-Chicken Burger, the Strawberry Banana Sundae and the Honey Butter Fries.

The K-Beef Burger has beef patty dipped in gochujang sauce and topped with lettuce and slivers of onion, made tastier with a slightly tangy kimchi dressing and a round egg sandwiched between black sesame seed buns. Get that same mix of mild spice and slight tanginess from the gochujang sauce and kimchi dressing of the K-Chicken Burger, this time made with chicken fillet with toppings and cheddar cheese, all sandwiched between soft black sesame seed buns. Enjoy these with the Honey Butter Fries, which are french fries with a sweet, creamy honey-butter twist. End the mukbang meal with sundae drizzled with sweet strawberry banana syrup.

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