LA County set to require proof of vaccination at bars, lounges, nightclubs, breweries – Daily News

Los Angeles County’s chief public health officer said the county will amend its health order this week to require “targeted” vaccine verification at certain businesses, warning that the region will face “endless cycles” of coronavirus surges every few months without more vaccine coverage across the region.

The amended order, to come later this week, will require customers and employees at indoor portions of bars, nightclubs, breweries, lounges to show verification of of at least one vaccination dose by Oct. 7 and a second by Nov. 4, said Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

“This is a reasonable path forward that can position us to break the cycle of surges,” Ferrer said on Wednesday, Sept. 15, noting that the county faces virus surges every few months without great vaccination across the county.

L.A. County reported another 37 COVID-19 deaths, along with 1,930 new cases on Wednesday.

According to the most recent numbers, 75% of eligible county residents age 12 and over have received at least one dose of vaccine, and 66% are fully vaccinated. Among the county’s overall population of 10.3 million, 65% have received one dose and 57% are fully vaccinated. That population figure includes roughly 1.3 million people under age 12 who are ineligible for shots.

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