LAUSD says it has no intention of suing over Newsom’s school reopening proposal – Daily News

The Los Angeles Unified School District has no intention of suing the state over Gov. Gavin Newsom’s school reopening proposal, the district said Thursday, Jan. 14.

Although the school board had, during its meeting this week, granted Superintendent Austin Beutner permission to explore all options — including legal actions — for seeking government reimbursement for the 30 million meals the district has provided to needy adults in the community since the coronavirus pandemic began, it did not authorize the district to sue the state over the Safe Schools for All proposal, the district explained in a statement correcting the record.

Rather, the board had, during its closed session, approved a separate resolution supporting LAUSD’s efforts to work with the governor and state Legislature on school reopening plans.

“The operative phrase is ‘work with,’” reads the statement. “The goal of this effort is to make sure the state budget actions and policies address the needs of the students and families Los Angeles Unified serves.”

The statement further explained that there was an error on the closed session agenda and that “there was no intention for any type of action against the State of California, state entities and public officials related to the state’s ‘Safe Schools for All’ framework. This was in error as the report should have referred only to reimbursement for food relief.”

On Tuesday, the board’s executive officer, Jefferson Crain, had announced in public when the board returned from closed session that board members had voted to authorize litigation against the state, state entities and public officials, which was then reported by news outlets, including the Los Angeles Daily News.

LAUSD has been leading a growing campaign to address issues that leaders from some of the state’s largest urban school districts have with Newsom’s Safe Schools for All proposal to get students back onto campuses for in-person instruction.

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