“Life will never be the same without him” – Neetu Kapoor remembers Rishi Kapoor

We lost the legendary actor, Rishi Kapoor who was the original chocolate boy of the Hindi film back in the ‘70s, last year. A year since and the loss still feels fresh. A no-nonsense actor with a body of work that generations will take inspiration from, Rishi Kapoor will forever be fondly remembered for all the incredible characters he played on-screen.

Neetu Rishi Kapoor

Speaking of the characters, some of his most cherished roles and movies were with his real life wife, Neetu Kapoor. The couple redefined romance in the early ‘80s and were a favourite even after the actress quit the movies for a while. 

Neetu Rishi Kapoor

Remembering the love of her life, Neetu shared a post on her social media today. Calling him an extension of her existence, she wrote, “All of last year has been of grief and sadness around the world for us maybe more as we lost him .. Not a day has gone by when we have not discussed or reminisced with him as he was an extension of our existence .. sometimes his wise advice:: his wise cracks : his anecdotes !! We have celebrated him all year with a smile on the lips as he will stay in our hearts forever. we have accepted life will never be the same without him !!! But life will go on.” 

Check out the beautiful monochrome pictures she shared along with this heartwarming post. 

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