LIVE UPDATES, price in India for iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7

Apple’s big September 2021 event takes place today, where four new iPhones, a brand new Apple Watch and the AirPods 3 are expected. The iPhone 13 series will come in four variants just like the iPhone 12; the regular iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will start at 128GB storage this time, with Apple ditching the 64GB option, according to Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will get a 1TB option as well, according to him.

While Apple’s new iPhones won’t have any major design changes, the big change will be around the display for the Pro options which will get a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate, according to several reports. This also means that Apple will finally be catching up to rivals Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others in the market, which have offered higher refresh rates on their displays for a while now.

Apple iPhone 13 series is not expected to get any major camera hardware upgrades, though a new video Portrait mode on the Pro models. The new series will of course run the latest A15 processor, and reports have also talked about how Apple could add satellite calling on select models, though these might be limited to some countries.

The iPhones won’t be the only major devices at the event. The Apple Watch Series 7 with its bigger, flatter display is also expected and this time the sizes offered will be 41mm and 45mm. According to Bloomberg, the bigger screens will mean more information for users. Apple will not be adding any new health sensors to the watch, though, the body temperature sensor won’t be available before 2022.

Finally, Apple AirPods 3 are also expected at the event. We don’t expect new iPads or Macs to make an appearance today, given Apple usually reserves these for another event.

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