Malawi: K9.4bn Olympic Swimming Pool Causes Stir

“We don’t want a swimming pool, we need a hospital.”

At a time Malawians are economically paralysed crashed, due to Covid 19, students dropping out due to lack of fees, potholes killing Malawians on daily basis in our, the government is spending over K9 billion for a swimming pool.

There is a high-pitched chorus of disapproval out there as people seem not to get the rationale of construction of a swimming pool another major referral hospital.

The Social Media influencer, reacting to the news of the new swimming pool, Idriss Ali Nassah sarcastically posted on his social media: “The father of a starving family borrows money to buy a large flat screen TV to impress the neighbours.

“The TV is high definition,” he says in his defence. “The picture quality is perfect”.

That father, ladies and gentlemen, is a moron.

Malawi Government decision to construct a K9.4 billion Olympic standard swimming pool has caused stir in social media space.”

“The Ministry of Sports has awarded a Chinese company a contract worth K 9.4 billion to construct the Olympic standard swimming pool and its ancillary structures at Kamuzu Institute of Sports.

According to a notification of intention to award contract that the ministry has flown, the works will be done by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation.

However, some Malawians have taken up in various social media platforms to accuse the government of extravagance and having priorities upside down.