Man jailed for 14 years over ‘prolonged, sadistic’ abuse of partner

The woman eventually escaped when her mother and sister took her out for lunch and she disclosed the “disgraceful conduct” to her sister while her mother distracted Mr Duff at another table.

As the four began walking back to the car, Mr Duff said to the woman: “You better f—ing tell me what you said about me because if you don’t, I’m going to f—ing butcher you like a pig”.

When the group arrived back at the woman’s home, her sister waited for Mr Duff to get out of the car then drove away, taking the family to the police station. The woman was later taken to hospital and found to have multiple injuries.

When Mr Duff was first arrested he told lies about the woman, including claiming she was mentally unwell. He eventually pleaded guilty to two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, two counts of intentionally choking a person with recklessness, sexual intercourse without consent and reckless wounding.

Judge Colefax said he is satisfied Mr Duff, now 24, is “a manipulative, sadistic and dangerous young man” who has not shown genuine remorse. He said the offending was “no momentary error in judgment caused by immaturity, but rather was sustained and brutal domestic abuse over many months”.

“Given the widespread and devastating nature of domestic violence offences in this country, the courts have an obligation to impose stern sentences on offenders such as you to seek to discourage others from doing what you have done,” Judge Colefax said.

Mr Duff was sentenced to a maximum of 14 years’ imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 9 years and 9 months.

He will be eligible for parole in January 2029.

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