Mumbai Mayor’s UP Corpses Angle on Covid Deaths

Mumbai mayor Kishori Pednekar on Thursday said that the financial capital does not have any rivers to dump the dead bodies. The statement can be seen as a jibe at BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh where hundreds of corpses were recently found floating in Ganga river or buried in the sand of its banks.

“We have never underreported Covid deaths. We will never do so in Mumbai. We don’t have rivers to dump the dead bodies. We respect families and we duly give death certificates,” the mayor said.

The horror in Uttar Pradesh first came to light on May 10 when 71 corpses washed up on the river bank in Bihar’s Chausa village, near the state border. Those who live close to where the bodies were washed up fear they are Covid-19 victims.

Speaking on the building collapse in Malad, she said, “Audit happens in every ward and we send notices. People still prefer to live inside and die rather than moving to a safer place.”

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