NEET PG 2021: Paper rated easy; no question asked on Covid-19

The National Board of Examinations (NBE) today conducted the NEET PG 2021 exam. Previously, the examination was to be held in January, but was postponed to April and then to August. Overall, the paper was rated easy by the medical aspirants.

As per the candidates, even though the number of questions this time was reduced to 200, paper was far easy compared to INICET. No multiple correct or match the following pattern of questions were asked in the paper. Despite the ongoing pandemic, no question was asked on the Covid-19.

Dr Aseem Dewan, Director (PG Division), Aakash Institute said that students who had knowledge of simple facts and who could apply basic concepts will definitely crack the exam.  In short subjects, questions were scoring and answerable if the basic knowledge of the subject was gained.

“The paper was a mixture of various topics where approximately 40 per cent were asked from clinical, 20 per cent questions were image-based and 40 per cent one-liner factual questions were asked in the paper. The clinical scenarios were straightforward so if the image was tough, the clinical scenario was a give-away,” Dewan said.

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