Nintendo adds Bluetooth audio to the Switch with new software update

Ahead of Nintendo making its new Switch OLED available for purchases, the company has added more functionality to its existing Nintendo Switch console with the ability to connect wireless audio products like earbuds and headphones via Bluetooth.

With a new update, Nintendo announced that the Switch console gets a new ‘Bluetooth Audio’ page in the settings that will let users connect to headphones of their choice. The Indian Express tried this out with a pair of Apple AirPods and the feature seems to be working fine. Check out the tweet below.

Before the addition of the feature, users wanting to wear any form of wireless audio products would be forced to use a 3.5mm-to-Bluetooth adapter or headphones that came with wireless USB-adapters. The new feature should make things much more easier.


With the new feature Nintendo Switch consoles can connect to Bluetooth headphones and earphones, but not without some limitations. For instance, users connected to Bluetooth audio will only be able to connect two wireless controllers at the same time. To connect more controllers, users will have to first drop the Bluetooth audio connectivity.

Players will also have to disconnect Bluetooth Audio during local communication. Moreover, while you can save up to 10 Bluetooth audio devices, you can use only one at a time. Note that Bluetooth microphones are not yet supported either.

In other news, Nintendo’s new Switch OLED comes with a 7-inch OLED display. The new Switch OLED model will start at $350 (about Rs 26,000) and will be available from October 8. You can read more about the new console here.

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