Onigbinde, Adepoju, Malaga Coaches Others Begin Coaching Program In Ibadan – Independent Newspapers Nigeria

“Two things which are paramount from the statement above are hospitality and sports.

“Sports and hospitality are like Siamese twins; they are interdependent and inter-related. Research has shown that sportsmen and women thrive better and maximise their potentials if groomed in a conducive environment.

“At Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort, we have been to balance this wisely by investing in sporting infrastructure as well as decent hospitality structure. Besides, our hotel rooms which currently stand at 165, we have also built hostel structure that can conveniently and comfortably accommodate over 300 players.

“The resultant effect of this is there for everyone to verify; we have groomed youngsters who are dedicated, focused and talented; players who within a few years of being nurtured are well ahead of their peers simply because we have put them in an environment that is conducive for the cultivation of football culture”.

“The second part of our vision statement to be a viable platform through which sporting talents are nurtured to stardom is one that needs strategic thinking and partnership.

“We have done the needful by investing in sporting infrastructure. With this arrangement, we have discovered and nurtured talented youngsters who can compete well with their peers anywhere in the world.

“To take our vision further upward from where it is to where it ought to be is the reason why we went into a strategic alliance with Malaga CF.

“Having studied Malaga CF as a club, we share certain similarities in terms of football culture and principles; we love to groom and nurture players to stardom, same thing goes with Malaga.

“We have no doubt that their visit to us will yield positive results which are in consonance with our ultimate goal.
I want to implore the coaches that are participating in our coaching clinic to make the best use of this opportunity.

“Pay attention to your instructors and take time to explore our Resort during your leisure period. We could have limited this huge opportunity to our coaches and players alone but just as Robers South says in his famous quote “If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be what he gives” we want to be measured by being that organisation that allows other to grow while it is also growing.

“We are sure of the huge talents our society has and we are not going to close doors of opportunity on them just because they are not in our football academy.

“Once again, I want to thank everyone who has come far and wide with a view to witnessing or participating in this programme, may God in His infinite mercy bless us all,” Araoye said.

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