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Rapper poised to release 3rd album

Known for his hard-hitting lyrics, local rapper Ozi F Teddy is hoping to hit the big time hard with his latest album, ‘Lord of Mercy III’.

In a brief interview with Voice Entertainment this week, the 29-year-old artist explained that although the 12-track LP is complete, he was waiting for the opportune moment to officially release it.

Promising the ‘explosive fireworks’ fans have come to associate with his music, the gifted songwriter said, “The album is good as done but I need the business climate to drop it.

“I really want it to do well, it is a dope album and it would be a shame if it fell on deaf ears because of a poor roll-out plan.”

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Although he is yet to set a date for the drop, Teddy reassured fans it will be soon.

Quizzed on what his followers can expect from the upcoming album, the latest in theLord of Mercy’s series, the Thamaga-native promised exciting collabs, dope beats, and most importantly, fun!

“It is full of positive vibes, collaborations, inspiring each other, and having fun with lyrics. I have features like Mane Dilla, Vizo View, Scar, and Murda just to mention a few. They are great artists and they are the future of this business,” maintained the man born Ted Phaphane.

One aspect that won’t feature on the album is ‘diss tracks’, a form of rap Teddy has became somewhat synonymous with.

“I do not make diss tracks unprovoked, as no one dares to provoke me these days….” explained the confident rapper, who despite his tough exterior and bad boy reputation, was quick to praise his parents for the role they played in his rise.

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“I fell in love with music at a very young age. My parents were very supportive, that was when I realized that I destined to be a music star one day,” concluded the Hip Hop star, who eventually hopes to relocate to Honeydew, Joburg, to enjoy the sweet life and take his career to the next level.

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