Papa Not Happy, Wherever He Is: Chirag Paswan To NDTV

New Delhi:

Chirag Paswan is locked in a battle with his uncle Pashupati Paras for control of the Lok Janshakti Party, which was founded by his father, the late Ram Vilas Paswan. The Jamui MP has accused Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of the engineering split of the LJP.

Here are the Highlights from Chirag Paswan’s interview to NDTV

  • The party is very much together.
  • 66 members of the party stand strongly by me. 33 out of 35 at the district level are also with me and I can get them to give it to me on an affidavit too… so, I am very happy that they are all in my support.
  • So, the party stands with me, but if you take the family, then yes, there has been a betrayal. He further said It is a betrayal. Not as much to me, but a betrayal to papa.
  • He was close to papa, so it is a betrayal to him. He is my elder, and if he had a problem with something, he could have always told me that something is bothering him and we could have worked it out together. But the way he has gone about it, it is a betrayal to papa. I am sure papa is not happy wherever he is.
  • The anti-defection law of the country says that those who betray a party cannot take the party with them. The party remains with me. The party remains with me. The MPs cannot decide who is the party.
  • It is the members of the party who choose their leader, not elected MPs. The 5 MPs have now been expelled from the party, so they can be independent MPs in Parliament but they cannot represent my party LJP.
  • On expectations from BJP, he said, now I do not have any expectations from anyone anymore. I mean, what can I expect of others when my own family has betrayed me. My uncle, who was like my father in his absence, has done what he has. It is nothing short of an absolute betrayal. So I do not expect anything from anyone.
  • Yes, I have said this before that I am the Hanuman for my Ram (Narendra Modi ji). I did all I can as his Hanuman. I supported him and all his decisions whole-heartedly. I supported my Prime Minister. Then I went into a bad phase in life, and at that time I thought that my Prime Minister will stand by me as I did for him, but very soon I realised that I have do everything by myself, and not expect anything from anyone.

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