She told my teenager an inappropriate story

DEAR HARRIETTE: My family visited with another family this weekend. At a certain point, things got awkward. The wife started talking about her teenage life and then shared that she was 15 when she first had sex.

Harriette Cole 

My daughter is 17. While she certainly knows all about sex, I doubt that she is yet sexually active.

I have no judgment of what this woman did in her teen years, but I do not appreciate her sharing this story, unprompted by anyone, with my teenage daughter — without checking with me first.

How can I address this?

Drawing the Line

DEAR DRAWING THE LINE: What’s done is done. It’s more important for your communication with your daughter to be open and honest.

Ease into a conversation with her about sex. Rather than focusing on your friend, get a sense of what’s happening with teenagers in her peer group today. There are many unusual factors for teens and intimacy.

The quarantine shut down a lot of interaction of any kind. Some kids have hardly seen other people for more than a year. Others have had a lot of latitude of engagement. Get your daughter to talk about her peer relationships a bit if you can.

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