Star of the Munich Auto Show? The Push for Faster Electrification

DESPITE THE global pandemic and a crippling shortage of silicon chips, German car makers brought a crazy-positive, get-er-done attitude to this week’s opening of the Munich auto show. I guess it’s fun to do the right thing, especially when you have no choice.

Relocated from business-friendly Frankfurt, scaled down and rebranded to emphasize sustainability and zero emissions, the IAA Mobility 2021 often felt less like a car show than a climate policy retreat and/or electric-bike Woodstock, with expo halls filled with devilishly clever e-assisted two-wheelers, cargo trikes, even “pedelecs,” as varied as birds. In the product-design margins between e-bikes and proper electric motorcycles are a slew of dangerously appealing minibikes aimed at young urbanites, such as BMW ’s Concept CE 02.

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