Startup x Innovation Thailand Expo 2021: A virtual world of innovation

Thailand’s National Innovation Agency presents SITE 2021 — DEEPTECH RISING: The Next Frontier of Innovation, is set to be held virtually on 15 – 18 September 2021. The real-time event will show the next big thing in the world of startup and innovation. Accessed via the NIA website,, all are welcome to join, free of charge.

The COVID-19 crisis has propelled us into the future, with new ways of living and working. Companies have had to evolve, particularly in the MICE industry, as technology plays a greater and greater part in our everyday lives. For this year’s event, the NIA has merged two of Asia’s most exciting expos, Startup Thailand and Innovation Thailand, and transformed them into a 100% online and immersive experience.

SITE 2021 – DEEPTECH RISING: The Next Frontier of Innovation

The programme will present the five fields of deep tech that are predicted to drive Thailand’s future: Agriculture (AgTech), Food (FoodTech), Medicine (MedTech), Space (SpaceTech), and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Virtual Reality for People (AI Robotic Immersive IoT: ARI Tech). AgTech and MedTech in particular, are aligned with the government’s Bio-Circular-Green economic model.

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There will be four main activities spread across the four days:

  1. Virtual Forum: more than 60 speakers from leading startups in Thailand and around the world will present their innovations and share their experiences on more than 50 topics.
  2. Opportunity: presenting opportunities to connect with potential partners through organised activities such as Marketplace, with more than 200 virtual booths; Online Business Matching, with more than 30 business entities; and Online Business Consulting with more than 30 experts in 10 industries.
  3. Show: audiences from around the world will also enjoy the opportunity to watch entrepreneurs highlight their deep-tech successes.
  4. Awards: presenting the prestigious Prime Minister’s Awards to those supporting the development of Thailand’s startup ecosystem and promoting startups in the international market.

Enjoy the cutting-edge 360° immersive experience

This year’s platform has been built from the ground up by Thais to great acclaim, creating a 360° immersive experience. Visitors will feel like they are at the physical event: they can chat with operators in real-time and participate through avatars. Data and audience feedback from around the world will be processed through social listening tools and artificial intelligence.

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“We believe that this platform is the future of innovation and the startup ecosystem in Thailand”, says Dr Pun-Arj Chairatana, Director of the NIA. “Therefore I would like to invite all the innovators and those interested in technology to visit our event. Together we can address the challenges of COVID-19 and plot a path to a brighter future”.

Access the STARTUP x INNOVATION THAILAND EXPO 2021 on 15-18 SEPTEMBER 2021. All sessions are free! For more details, please log onto the programme’s official website.

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