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Silas Wamangituka says he is actually Silas Katompa Mvumpa. He is 22-years old, not 21. 

Mvumpa’s club, Stuttgart, announced in a statement on Tuesday that their striker recently revealed the information to them, saying that he was a victim of fraudulent practices by his former agent.

Agent alleged misdeeds

Three years ago, Mvumpa’s agent allowed the then 19-year-old player to live with him in Paris and, according to Silas, also changed his name and date of birth. The player joined Stuttgart in 2019 from French second division side Paris FC.

Stuttgart believe the agent altered Mvumpa’s identity to help Mvumpa break ties with his old club in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mvumpa’s home country, and also to increase the young player’s dependence on the agent. 

Mvumpa’s future

Stuttgart say they are in contact with the German Football League (DFL) and the German Football Association (DFB) about the matter and that they don’t fear any consequences for the player.

After a legal assessment of the facts, it’s assumed “that Silas was and still is in possession of a valid playing licence,” the club statement said. Stuttgart also expect Silas to receive a new playing permit with his real identity.

“I have lived in constant fear for the last few years and have also been very worried about my family in Congo. It was a difficult step for me to reveal my story,” Silas said.


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