The 20 Best Unisex Fragrances of 2021, Hands Down

Additionally, Chaz says customers want even more personalization with their fragrances. “A major trend we’re noticing is customers requesting their own scent distinctly unique to them,” she says. “DedCool gives the consumer a significant say in how their signature scent gets created, both with our range of fragrances and their ability to be layered, creating a truly custom experience. We want to continue supporting the individual by offering our new Build Your Own Sample Tin that lets you pick six scents and experiment till you find what speaks to you.”

And because there are really no gender norms when it comes to fragrances anymore, that means there are even more options to choose from, which can make it feel overwhelming to find the scent that works just for you. Chaz’s advice? Don’t make a decision off the first spray. “It’s imperative for people to live in their fragrances for a few days or so,” she says. “Scent can change based on body chemistry, so it’s important to sample scent directly on the skin and give it time to adapt before you can really know how if a scent is right for you.”

Take a look at some of our favorite unisex fragrances below.

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