Top 10 GST Courses in Coimbatore

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GST which stands for Goods Service Tax is the biggest indirect tax reform in India. 

It is now a reality for us all.

GST has now mingled with our daily lives. GST came upon us like an unknown thing, new and different.

It took time adjusting to it. Now we all know that GST is not a bane. GST is a boon that reduces the difficulties.

After the introduction of GST, courses for GST were fast to set up.

These courses are valuable to people interested in Finance. A person set on making a career in Finance should really opt for it as GST now has a huge part in it.

Coimbatore ,being the second largest city of Tamil Nadu, and the Manchester of Southern India even is full of many courses for GST.

Here are the top 10 GST courses in Coimbatore.

GST courses.

A Laptop, an envelope with a tax letter, coins, notes, calculator
GST Courses

1.) Henry Harvin GST Course

The Henry Harvin GST course was the first course for GST founded in India and is by far the Top GST course in Coimbatore. 

Henry Harvin has even been awarded the certificate of Best Corporate Training Platform by the esteemed Entrepreneur Education Innovation’s  organization. 

They offer practical knowledge and personal attention to all participants. 

Henry Harvin even offers courses online which makes these classes accessible from anywhere. 

This course promises to deliver 360 degree insight on all the GST regulations. 

This GST course in Coimbatore is featured by Aaj Tak news channel and the Hindustan times Newspaper.

It has trained 14,265 plus GST professionals till date.

GST Course by Henry Harvin

Benefits of Henry Harvin GST Course in Coimbatore

  • This course delivers practical issues faced with GST.
  • It offers a focused FAQ session.
  • Henry Harvin teaches computer- based knowledge related to GST.
  • It covers recent amendments in GST.
  • Clarify all doubts related to GST. Post course doubts can be asked.
  • It provides good study material.
  • Real life GST situations are discussed by the experts.
  • On completion of the course you get a certificate that is sponsored by the big names like Aaj Tak, Pioneer, Hindustan Times, Business World, India Today and Mail Today.
  • It covers each detail of GST and highlights every important aspect of it.
  • The LMS system of Henry Harvin lets you access recorded sessions and all other study material anytime.
  • This LMS portal would be available for a year and you can review any topic you wish.
  • It provides 1 -year Gold Membership of Finance Academy.
  • Henry Harvin guarantees a 100 % internship in Henry Harvin and other firms.
  • It covers current topics like GSTR 3B, GSTR 2A, GSTR 1, How to take ITC and New provisions of e-Invoicing.

Duration  of Course: 32 hours

Course Fees: 12,500 rupees 

Henry Harvin GST course also available in:

and many other cities.

Check Out:


Other Henry Harvin Courses

3.) Udemy

Udemy is a well known online platform.

It provides a wide range of courses through online classes.

This company was founded way back in May 2010. Now it has gained 11 years experience.

It aims at providing learning that improves lives.

This institute includes the world’s best instructors. They design quality modules to encourage students in their journey.

Learners can access this course easily via the web.

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Udemy’s logo

Benefits of Udemy GST course in Coimbatore:

  • Full- time access to the website portal.
  • One can access the course anywhere and on any device.
  • On- demand videos would be provided in 42 hours.
  • 29 Articles on GST are taken up.
  • Certification post course completion.
  • Udemy is recognized as the best online academy by the New York Times, The China Post and BBC. It provides world- wide exposure.
  • Instructors are real life practitioners who are GST experts.

Curriculum of Udemy GST course:

  • GST basics.
  • Scheme composition.
  • Tax credit inputs.
  • Registration of GST
  • Returns in GST
  • Webinars
  • Transitional provisions in GST
  • Value of Supply
  • Place of Supply
  • Time of supply
  • GST training by Ashok Batra
  • Penalties and offences
  •  GST rates
  • Impact on trading sector
  • Payments and GST

Course Duration: 42 hours

Udemy GST Course in Coimbatore fees: 4,800 Rupees

For more information

Do visit the website-

4.) Onward Academy

Onward Academy was initiated in 2014. It is a unit of the big Onward Infotech.

Since it’s setup the institute is working hard to materialize the dream of Digital India.

It wants to create a generation that is well- versed with the latest technology.

This institute provides a great variety of courses. These courses cover all generations and professions. 

Graduates or undergraduates, working professionals or homemakers, retired people or finance aspirants all can find the right course here at Onward Academy.

Tally Academy and Onward academy are strong partners. Tally Academy is one of the leading institutes in India.

ONWARD ACADEMY written in white 

with a a white child touching stars
Onward Academy Logo

Benefits of Onward Academy GST course in Coimbatore:

  • It delivers live and practical projects
  • has experienced Taxation educators who are well- versed in the art of GST.
  • It has a small class size which ensures personal guidance to all participants.
  • Their techniques use modern infrastructure.
  • It guarantees a placement support post course completion.
  • Industry- recognized certification is provided after completion of course.
  • Advanced courses are also available.

Curriculum of Onward Academy GST Course:

  • Levy and exemption form
  • Taxations
  • GST Basics
  • Returns
  • Records
  • Accounts
  • Audit
  • Assessment
  • Registration
  • Value of Supply
  • Time of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Invoice of Tax
  • Debit Notes
  • Credit Notes
  • Payments
  • Refunds


  • Students
  • People seeking jobs in Finance
  • Professionals in Tax

Course Duration: 1 year regular course. Fast course is completed in 6 months.

For more information-

Visit the site:

5.) Central Institute of Technology

Central Institute of Technology or more commonly known as CIT aims at providing detailed training in computers and development of personality. 

CIT became an independent organization in 2017 though it was founded in 2009.

It has been recognised and certified by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

It is active in state and central programmes. CIT has played a part in NSPC, NCT, AICTE and many others.

After successful training they make the learner job ready.

It offers variety in professional courses, career courses and regular courses. 

CIT Logo

Benefits of GST Course at CIT:

  • It covers all aspects concerning GST
  • It focuses on practical studies and hence takes up so many real case studies.
  • Affordable prices of all courses.
  • Expansive range of topics are covered under this course.
  • It gives lifetime support
  • The faculty involved are all experienced and skilled.
  • Merit students get a chance to partner with CIT themselves.
  • Guaranteed Jobs

Curriculum of GST course at CIT:

  • Concept of Journal Ledger
  • Master Ledger
  • Payment Voucher
  • Journal and contra Voucher
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Sales voucher with GST
  • Returns and payments with GST
  • GST structure basics
  • Registration
  • GST bills
  • GST amendments
  • Features of GSTR 1, 2A, 3B.

Eligibility for this GST course:

10th or +2 passed

Course Duration: 36 classes covered in 3 months.

Course fees: 7,500 rupees

For more information on this GST Course in Coimbatore

Visit their website:

6.) The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

The institute of Chartered Accountants of India or simply ICAI, is a constitutional body of our country. It was founded due to the Chartered Accountants Act (1949). 

Due to its large Accounting and Finance body, ICAI ranks 2nd in the world in terms of delivering efficient courses.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India keeps a check over the ICAI. This body supervises the affairs of the institute by following the terms of the CA act of 1949 and the CA Regulations Act in the later 1988.

The ICAI has a total of 40 members. Out of these 32 are elected by the CAs and the rest 8 are nominated by the Central Government, these belong to various ministries of the Central Government. 


Benefits of ICAI GST Course in Coimbatore:

  • It has a rich faculty composing of CAs, Advocates, Academicians each having individual expertise in the domain of indirect taxes.
  • The faculty members encourage the new learners to grasp topics practically and experimentally.
  • Impart AD updated knowledge on GST.
  • It improves the learners analytical and problem- solving skills used in decision making.
  • 2 Regular Assessments tests to keep you moving.
  • A pathway is created in the Global Market by this certification GST course.

Curriculum of ICAI GST Course:

  • GST introduction
  • Place of Supply
  • Levy
  • Time of Supply
  • ITC
  • Valuation
  • Transitional Issues
  • Registration
  • Returns
  • Refunds
  • Payments
  • Custom Duty
  • FTP
  • Exemption list of Goods and Services
  • Advance Ruling
  • Overview of GST


Only ICAI Members

Duration of ICAI GST course in Coimbatore: 10 days course covered in two weeks

Monday to Friday classes

ICAI GST Course fee: 14,000 rupees and extra taxes

For more information

Feel Free to Visit:

7.) ACTE Coimbatore

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is an institute offering multiple courses.

 It is an institute providing GST Course in Coimbatore.

ACTE has branches spread out all over the Southern Part of India. Most of the centres are present in Tamil Nadu.

They have an extensive syllabi and cover the important aspects of GST.

Online courses are also offered by them.


Benefits of ACTE GST Course in Coimbatore:

  • Both Beginner and advanced classes are offered
  • GST hands- on learning
  • Provide practice for the Interview Techniques in GST
  • Lifetime access to all the study material, recordings and MNC top questions.
  • Affordable fees
  • Industrial GST expert designed curriculum
  • 25 plus practical assignments

Curriculum Of ACTE GST Course:

  • First Module: Accounting using Tally
  • Second Module: Features of GST
  • Third Module: Matters of Banking
  • Fourth Module: Why GST?
  • Fifth Module : Components of GST
  • Sixth Module: Tax Structure in GST
  • Seventh Module: Benefits of GST
  • Eighth Module: Registration in GST
  • Ninth Module: Filing of Returns in GST
  • Tenth Module: Input tax Credits
  • Eleventh Module: Create invoices
  • Twelfth Module: MIS Reports

Eligibility for course:

Any graduate related to computer science or IT field.

Experience not necessary.

Duration of this GST course in Coimbatore: 40 Hours

Course fees: 14,000 rupees

For more information

Visit this website:

8.) Genesis Tally Academy

Established in the year 1999, Genesis has now become the House of Accountants.

It is an important institute in Coimbatore that teaches GST.

It helps the applicants find jobs best suited for them.

Practice is also highlighted with the understanding. 

Genesis Tally Academy

Benefits of Genesis GST Course in Coimbatore:

  • They have 20 plus years of experience.
  • Genesis has associations with many colleges.
  • Job- oriented training is also provided.
  • Labs are provided by them for practical training.
  • Placement assistance is provided.

Curriculum of this GST Course:

First Session: Introduction to GST

Second Session: Overview of Taxation in India

Third Session: Overview of GST

Fourth Session: Admin structure of GST, acts and rules concerning GST

Fifth Class: Filing of GST returns and dealers registration

Sixth Session: Application of GST

Seventh Session: Career Development Learnings

Last Class: Self- practice by students.

Eligibility for this course:

Age: 20- 50 years

Should have basic knowledge about Tally and Accounts

Duration of this GST course in Coimbatore: 6 hours

Visit this website for more information on the GST course:

9.) ICA Edu Skills

ICA is also an institute that provides multiple courses. It provides various Finance- based courses.

Job- skill oriented courses are provided by them.

Short and long- term courses are both delivered by this institute.

GST Course in coimbatore is also provided by it.

It is found across many cities in India.


With graduation cap in dark blue

ICA - your right to a job
ICA Logo

Benefits Of ICA Edu Skills GST Course:

  • Practical GST training is provided
  • Industry- oriented courses are provided.
  • Professional certification post course
  • Convenient course duration.
  • A wide variety of skills are covered.

Curriculum of ICA GST course in Coimbatore:

  • GST basic concepts
  • Collection and Levy of Tax
  • Valuation
  • Tax Payment
  • Returns
  • GST calculation using Tally
  • Practice on GSTN
  • Project on GST


  • BA candidates
  • students
  • Engineering Students
  • CA
  • Certified Management Accountants
  • A person with law degree
  • Anyone with interest in Finance

ICA GST course duration: 27 hours

For course fees and more information on this course

Do visit this site:

10.) George Telegraph Institute of Accounts

A part of the George Telegraph Group, George Telegraph Institute provides a GST course in coimbatore.

The highly qualified teachers here work diligently to provide up to the mark education to all learners.

Personality development and grooming sessions to prepare students for future interviews are focused here.

The advisory board consists of Chartered Accountants, CS’s, Cost, Financial Analysts, Business Administrators and Management Accountants.

They counsel the students to turn them into confident experts ready for employment anywhere.

Even though the George Telegraph Training institute was established in 1920, it has not fallen out of the race. 

This institute is rich in it’s experience and has even adapted to the new reforms to come out even better than ever before.

This institute was formed after the First World War when the agriculture industry was witnessing a loss. At these times students understood the importance of studies. George Telegraph institute became the shelter for students who now wanted to attain knowledge for their survival.

This institute is the partner of the NSDC (National Skill Development Cooperation).

George Telegraph institute has its branches in over 70 cities in India.

Accounts visual

Bar graph, Pie charts, Line graphs, Calculator, Phone, spectacles, money, clipboard

Benefits of this GST Course in Coimbatore:

  • Trainers are respected professionals.
  • This GST course offers 100% placement opportunities.
  • They through light on ecommerce 
  • The study would be GST ready post completion of course
  • Certification is provided to all attendees post course.

Curriculum of this GST course:

  • GST basic concepts
  • Supply types
  • Scheme composition
  • Charge Mechanism Reverse
  • Place of Supply
  • Value of Supply
  • Time of Supply
  • Registration with GST
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Accounting entries 
  • Returns in GST
  • GST Reports
  • E- Way Bill

Eligibility for this course: Grade 12 pass

Duration of this course: 2 months (5 days per week)

For more information and fees structure:

Look up their website:


Here were the top 10 GST courses in Coimbatore. Though, these curses have been listed in this particular way yet it is your choice to choose the course which is the most apt for you.

Our choices pave the way for our future.

Do go over the details of each course nicely before opting the right one for yourself.

You may choose an online course as it can be accessed almost anytime and from anywhere.

Live interactive online sessions are not bad. They appear more or less like the real classes.

The last piece of puzzle 

Conclusion of the puzzle
White puzzle on the table

In short, the GST course certification would be another feather added in your cap. 

People who are interested in getting a deeper insight on the indirect tax system should surely go ahead and opt for a GST course.

When a topic interests you, it’s good if you continue fueling your interest and work towards learning more of that subject.

Never curb the thirst to learn as one can never be sure about just what can be their true calling.

It’s good to explore your every interest before deciding your aim.

Without your own R and D satisfaction would be slow to come.

If you are not satisfied with your work then you would never be happy.

So, choose wisely.

GST is the new normal. Learning about it completely is important if you are interested in Finance. Don’t put off your course until later.

Take the initiative now. Now is the time to learn about this Indirect Taxation system. 

Even working professionals can join some online courses to learn about GST. Online courses are more adjustable and are now- a – days blooming.

I sincerely wish you Good Luck in the journey ahead. Hope you find your true calling.


Which is the best online GST course?

Henry Harvin GST course

Which nation first imposed GST?

France in the year 1954

What are the benefits of a GST course?

An individual’s salary is raised by 15 to 20%. It increases Job Opportunities. GST courses help a person set up their own business.

How much does a GST practitioner earn?

The annual average salary of a GST practitioner is Rs. 4.9 to 6.4 lakhs

Who is the Father of GST?

Rachna Laxmi Narayan

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