Watch: Genius Tip To Make A Litre Of Orange Juice With Just 1 Orange And Its Peel

Watch: Genius Tip To Make A Litre Of Orange Juice With Just 1 Orange And Its Peel

This restaurant-style orange juice can be easily made at home.


  • Not enough oranges to make orange juice?
  • Make a jug full of juice with just one orange.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

Now that winter is almost over and we are looking forward to bright, summery days, we will have to sadly bid adieu to our favourite oranges that kept us company this past season. Orange juice is the best thing to have to feel fresh and energised every morning. It abounds with immunity-boosting vitamin C and many other nutrients that make it a wholesome drink to have every day for good health. Now, we admit that you require a lot of oranges to make a mere glass of juice at home. If you are short on oranges and craving for its juice, we have a tip for you to make as much as 1 litre juice with just one orange! Read on to believe it.

This recipe video posted on Facebook page ‘Cooking With Reshu’ will show you how to make restaurant-style juice that will fill up a whole jug and all you’ll need is one orange, one lemon and some sugar. No artificial food colour, or essence – just these three ingredients and you get a refreshing drink at home.

Here’s the complete recipe of orange juice made with orange juice and its peel:

Step 1 – Take one orange, one lemon and about 1 cup sugar.
Step 2 – Freeze the orange for 2-3 hours. Cut into pieces without peeling. Remove the seeds. Grind orange pieces in a mixer-grinder. Add some water, if required. Then strain it through a colander.
Step 3 – Boil 1 litre water. Add sugar and keep stirring till the sugar is dissolved.
Step 4 – Squeeze lemon to take out juice. Pass it through a colander and add it to the boiling water. Mix well and turn off the gas. Let it cool.
Step 5 – Add orange paste to the lemon-sugar water.
Step 6 – Refrigerate it for 3-4 hours or till you want.


Watch the full recipe video here:


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