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Twelve Zimbabwean films that featured on the recent DStv Afro-Cinema pop-up channel are now available to viewers on DStv Catch Up, giving audiences in Zimbabwe and across Africa a chance to enjoy the local content that was selected for the channel’s Africa Day-related run.

Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, said the 12 films would be available until June 30.

Liz Dziva

“It was thrilling for Zimbabwe to enjoy a choice of 12 locally-made films when Afro-Cinema ran on DStv in May. It is additionally exciting to have access to these films through Catch Up for several more weeks,” she said.

“This is another opportunity for Zimbabwean film-makers to showcase their content to a continental audience and we hope as many Zimbabwean subscribers as possible will view them on Catch Up this month.”

Below is the list of movies available on Catch Up:

Deep Thought (2016)
Director: Mell Seans
Producer: Melgin Tafirenyika
Deep Thought is a story detailing the pains of a lover dumped upon his failure to match the standard of his now transformed village girlfriend who has just become a professional actor as a result of the former’s sacrifice.

Sour Milk (2014)
Director: Myre Chris Maramba
Producer: Melgin Tafirenyika
What looks like a perfect relationship for Shelter, (Zinle Machi), turns out to be sour milk when it turns out she was actually seeing her boss’ hubby. Meanwhile, Coaster the player, (Melgin Tafirenyika) gets a taste of his own medicine when his women clash in one room. The twist of the story happens when the lonely woman falls in love with her boss’ husband without knowing that Tony the husband is married to Shelter. On a bad day, Tony refuses to go and pick up his wife from the party because he wanted to go and pick up his girlfriend Shelter only to realise that Rose asked Shelter if her boyfriend could drop her home since the husband says he is out of town only to find out that they are dating the same man, and Tony has been married to Rose for eight years.

Death and Other Complications (2018)
Director: Shem Zemura
Producer: Shem Zemura
Leading the cast is Admire Kuzhangaira, popularly known as Bhutisi, who plays John, a spoilt young man who does not care about anyone else but himself. The story revolves around the shenanigans of this particular individual, his lifestyle and how he reacts to situations when he is under pressure. While his parents and the rest of the family are away, he decides to bring a girl over but things take a nasty turn when she dies in his bedroom. With the family arriving in the midst of this unfortunate episode, the protagonist has to do everything he can to keep his secret hidden.

Kushata Kwemoyo (2018)
Director: Shem Zemura
A character driven drama about a vengeful housewife whose world is turned upside down when her once abusive step sister pays her an unexpected visit.

The Gentleman (2011)
Director: Joe Ngagu
A young man put in a moral dilemma is forced to choose between saving his dying pregnant wife or going against his beliefs.

The Letter (2019)
Director: Joe Njagu and Daves Guzha
It is 2015 following the controversial July 17 legislation by the Zimbabwean government to abruptly cut off thousands of jobs. Simon has been delivering the dreaded dismissal letters to his colleagues for weeks, but when the axe finally yields on the Harare News general manager, he takes the bad news very badly. The respected company executive turns into a self-made criminal.
His 23-year-old son has just been chased from university for non-payment of tuition fees and his 25-year-old mistress has just announced that she is carrying his baby. Simon turns to the bottle but does this bring his job back? Is this child really his? The story navigates through the demise of a man who had big plans after his retirement now faced with destitution and embarrassment.

Who is Tete B? (2018)
Director: Joe Njagu
Who is Tete B is the story of a trigger-happy detective, Mbada (played by Charles Njagu), with an unusual case to solve. Someone saved as “Tete B” in the secret phone of his stunning wife, Mamoyo (Nyarie Nhongonhema) has disrupted his peaceful hangover with a text message about a steamy liaison with her.

Director: Mell Seans
Producer: Melgin Tafirenyika

Stay With Me
Director: Nick Zemura

Escape (2016)
Director: Joe Njagu, Agnieszka Piotrowska

I Will Marry Myself
Director: Admire Maramba
Producer: Melgin Tafirenyika

The Lamp
Director: Mell Seans
Producer: Munashe Chitsiga

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