What If…? episode 6 review: Despite Tony Stark and Killmonger, MCU show fails to deliver thrills

The sixth episode of Marvel series What If…? is out, and although entertaining, it lacks the emotional depth of previous episodes. The latest chapter of What If…? centers around Killmonger and Tony Stark. Early in the episode, we see Killmonger save Tony Stark’s life in Afghanistan. However, as time passes, the audience is given a glimpse of Killmonger’s shrewdness and his ambitious plan to upend Wakanda and its real-world allies.

The pacing of the story is rather fast and you don’t even get to catch a breath when some of your favourite heroes die unfortunate deaths. While in a way it is good that the story is fast-paced, and considering its time constraint, it kind of has to be, but maybe a chance to bid farewell would have been nice, even if for a couple of moments. Instead, the writers race to the end, which, by the way, also compromises the thrilling whodunnit part of the show. Not only is the end predictable, the storyline of Killmonger is strongly reminiscent of the Black Panther movie.

We are not given time to mourn the fallen ones, and there is no intrigue about their killer. So what follows is pretty tame and even a little blah. Because you have seen all of this before. The end is somewhat exciting and there is one big twist, however, which is the only saving grace of the episode.

The action, the animation is top-notch as usual. No complaints there, if only there was a screenplay to hold a candle to it. Sigh.

You can watch the new episode of What If…? on Disney Plus Hotstar. 

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