When Pratik Sehajpal roams around shirtless, no one questions him: Bigg Boss OTT contestant Neha Bhasin on misogyny in house

Like every year, Bigg Boss OTT held a press conference inside the house, and the media round on Tuesday turned out to be a Bigg Boss episode in itself. The press conference that went on for almost two hours featured 12 mediapersons asking the top six contestants — Pratik Sehajpal, Neha Bhasin, Nishant Bhat, Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat — some tough questions.

During the conference, the Indian Express reporter posed three questions to the contestants, leading to a heated altercation within the finalists in front of the media itself. Nishant Bhat was left visibly rattled when he was asked about backstabbing best friend Pratik Sehajpal, abusing him behind the back and questioning his support for his connection in the game, Neha Bhasin.

“I little disagree with this because I have always supported Pratik in the game but yes, we have played together since the beginning so I was hurt when he saved Shamita instead of me in the nomination task. But I have always been supportive of his relationship with Neha, even though I will admit that I have abused him behind his back. I have always maintained this is a survival show and I am here to play the game,” the choreographer said.

The press conference soon melted into chaos when Divya Aggarwal was asked about her comments against Neha concerning her undergarment. Divya was questioned about her double standards for calling Neha sexist but herself degrading her in another incident. Divya said she wouldn’t deny that she did raise the issue of Neha’s undergarment but maintained that it wasn’t misogynistic in nature.

“The issue came from Neha’s best friend Shamita talking about the undergarments. I just reiterated what she said. It wasn’t about a woman’s undergarment but about cleanliness. It was disgusting and I said that. Even if it would have been a guy’s undergarment I would have called it disgusting,” Divya answered.

At one point, while defending herself, the actor even misbehaved with mediapersons and said, “They are calling me misogynistic. Why would I take that?” This aggravated Neha Bhasin, who shouted at her, saying, “Divya, just shut up. It is disgusting and you should be apologetic about it.”

The particular episode even left mediapersons divided, with some finding allegation against Divya unfair. Finally, the Indian Express posed a question to Neha Bhasin about how she has been judged by other contestants for her actions and connection to Pratik Sehajpal on the show and if she thought the judgment came from a sexist space.

To which, Neha replied, “Not only have I been made to feel a certain way about my connection with Pratik but also that whatever I have said on the show is just my feeling but now it’s becoming clear that things have been said (by others). When that autorickshaw task happened, that’s when I got the angriest because… let me tell you, these kind of things about me have not only been said in the house but also outside in the society. It’s a sensitive thing for me because when a woman in a beautiful country like India wear… you know there are issues…”

“Howsoever we call it a ‘woman card’ but at the end of the day… When he (pointing to Pratik sitting next to her) roams shirtless no one asks him but questions have been raised at me. People know that. Most importantly, maybe if I were a man, those questions would not have been raised. The only sad part is you want to raise questions do that but have the guts to do that to my face and be prepared for the answer,” the singer replied.

Bigg Boss OTT is three days away from finale, which will take place on September 18. The show’s finalists will join new contestants in the 15th edition of Bigg Boss, to be hosted by Salman Khan.

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