Why 83-year-old Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky has two new films out now – Daily Bulletin

Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky offers a bemused smile at how fate delivered his two new films to American audiences within weeks of each other.

“Strange situation, yeah?” he says with a shrug during a Zoom call from his home in Moscow.

It is, and yet at the same time, it’s fortuitous, too.

“Sin,” an epic about the Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo, arrived in mid-February. “Dear Comrades!” the true story of a Soviet-era massacre and coverup, debuted at the end of January, shortly before it made the shortlist of Oscar contenders for best foreign film.

Together, they serve as a reminder of why the 83-year-old writer-director-producer is a modern-day master of filmmaking in a career that spans more than six decades.

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