Yep, Vince McMahon is as evil as you think he is, chapter 893

Allegations from former WWE superstar Lita are the latest reminder that Vince McMahon is a shit-demon.

Allegations from former WWE superstar Lita are the latest reminder that Vince McMahon is a shit-demon.
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It won’t come as much of a shock to anyone even vaguely familiar with Vince McMahon that he’s pretty much a shit-demon, albeit a shit-demon with billions of dollars. As we’ve learned from recent history, and much to our detriment, being a billionaire means never having to say you’re sorry, or even acknowledging why you might have to.

Still, the more you find out, the more your skin starts to crawl and your lunch starts to march back toward your mouth with weary acceptance. The latest reminder comes from former WWE superstar Lita, aka Amy Dumas, via a Twitch stream yesterday in which she was forced into a “live sex” celebration or told she would be fired.

If that sounds patently ridiculous, illegal, and horrific, well it’s all of those things. And it was on WWE Raw, because of course it was. If you didn’t see it, this was 2006. This was WWE’s “Ruthless Aggression” era, which still contained a lot of the strands of the “Attitude” era, with its profanity, violence, and overt sexuality. The latter of which was basically overt sexuality in the mind of a 16-year-old boy, which McMahon basically still was and probably still is.

Jan. 9, 2006 is when the “Live Sex Celebration” took place, as Edge had said he wanted to celebrate his recent win of the WWE championship by sleeping with Lita in the middle of the ring. Both wrestlers stripped down to their underwear and got into a bed in the middle of the ring. Ric Flair interrupted before it went any further, because when you absolutely have to have someone to interrupt that kind of thing, Ric Flair is your man.

What Lita provided yesterday was her view on the whole thing, and how McMahon forced her into doing this segment she was most certainly not comfortable with. She raised objections with multiple higher-ups, and even Edge and John Cena tried to talk McMahon out of it with no avail. Lita was specifically told that she would be fired if she did not do the bit.

Doing the segment didn’t end up doing anything for Dumas anyway, as she decided to leave the company shortly afterwards and was completely buried on her way out. She has appeared in recent years in a Legends role, such as appearing in the first women’s royal rumble and the first all-women’s PPV, Evolution.

If you’re thinking this is the exact kind of behavior that got a fair few tossed out on their ass from Hollywood during the #MeToo movement, you’re right. Being coerced into sex scenes is now a strict no-no. This kind of thing has made its way into the wrestling world as well, with the #SpeakingOut movement. Many independent wrestlers have seen their careers ended, or at least greatly hampered, by revelations of past criminal activity or gross behavior, But that’s one thing, and a target the size of McMahon is quite another. It should happen, but things that should happen tend not to all the time.

While the indie scene saw some upheaval after the #SpeakingOut movement, it hardly made much of a dent in the world of WWE. Both Velveteen Dream, aka Patick Clark, and Matt Riddle remain employed and on television, even though both have faced some horrific allegations about their past. The company did release lower level performers like Jack Gallagher after allegations during the movement, but not anyone truly prominent. They don’t get much more prominent than McMahon.

Is this the kind of thing that might bring down McMahon? It’s hard to fathom. This is a guy who thought it was OK to use the n-word himself on the air just a year before this incident with Lita, and that barely broke his stride. Women have a far more active and prominent role in wrestling and WWE these days, and perhaps an uprising over these revelations from Lita, at least in public, from the women in the company might cause something to jar loose. But most likely not.

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